Addiction Recovery

therapyMedical Stabilization Program for Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery can be challenging. That's why Northern Nevada Medical Center offers a confidential medical stabilization program for patients with physiological and/or psychological dependence on habit-forming substances.

The medical stabilization program at Northern Nevada Medical Center is a three to five-day detoxification program. Patients are closely monitored and receive prescribed medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms in a comfortable and private setting.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our confidential telephone line to speak with a licensed medical professional at 356-4595.

What is Addiction?
Addiction is a physiological or psychological dependence on habit-forming substances.

What are Possible Signs of Addiction?

  • Use of drugs that are not prescribed
  • Drinking alcohol to "cope"
  • Inability to get through the day without drugs or alcohol
  • Inability to voluntarily stop addictive behavior
  • Blackouts or flashbacks
  • Feelings of guilt regarding the addiction
  • Problems for loved ones due to the patient's addiction

The Northern Nevada addiction recovery program accepts Medicaid and Medicare, as well as most private insurance and private pay patients.