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EmergencyThe Emergency Department at Northern Nevada Medical Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide emergency medical care to residents of Sparks, Reno, Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas of Nevada and California. In addition to providing high quality emergency care, the Emergency Department at Northern Nevada Medical Center also offers:

  • Advanced medical technology
  • Board-certified physicians
  • An exceptional ER nursing team that is highly trained in emergency medicine
  • Suburban parking with easy access

Minutes Matter
The medical term for a heart attack is "myocardial infarction." "Myo" refers to "muscle," "cardio" refers to "heart" and "infarct" refers to "death of tissue from lack of oxygen." Like any muscle, the heart needs a steady supply of blood. Without it, heart muscle may be injured and can cause chest, shoulder, back, neck or jaw discomfort or pressure. If blood flow is not restored, heart muscle dies and scar tissue begins to form, replacing functional heart muscle. That can lead to irregular heart rhythm and/or fatal heart failure. At Northern Nevada Medical Center, we work to shorten the time from when you arrive at the hospital to when affected blood vessels are reopened. That saves heart muscle. Lost time is lost muscle and we are dedicated to doing everything we can to increase your chances of survival and recovery.

The Heart & Vascular Institute

Clinicians in emergency cardiovascular services work closely with our cardiology team to expedite the care of patients with heart attacks and other life-threatening conditions.
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Chest Pain Center of Northern Nevada 

The Chest Pain Center at Northern Nevada Medical Center has been accredited by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care for its ability to assess, diagnose, and treat patients who may be experiencing a heart attack. As an Accredited Chest Pain Center, the Chest Pain Center at NNMC has demonstrated that it has effective processes in place to:

  • Reduce the time between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis and treatment
  • Treat patients more quickly during the critical window of time when the integrity of the heart muscle can be preserved
  • Monitor patients when it is not certain if they are having a heart attack to ensure that they are not sent home too quickly or needlessly admitted to the hospital 

By becoming an Accredited Chest Pain Center, NNMC has demonstrated that it offers enhanced quality of care for the cardiac patients, and shown a commitment to achieving higher standards.

When it comes to a heart attack, minutes matter. The Chest Pain Center at NNMC is a valuable resource for quality and expedient cardiovascular care. Depending on the type and severity of the heart attack, the cardiac team may admit patients to the Chest Pain Center of Northern Nevada to quickly evaluate them and administer treatment that can clear blocked arteries and restore blood and oxygen flow to damaged heart tissue. The Chest Pain Center provides:

  • A highly skilled team of cardiology professionals who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Sophisticated testing and treatment
  • Quick, appropriate triage for chest pain, dysrhythmias and other heart emergencies
  • Physician admission to a private room in the Chest Pain Center

Stroke Center

Stroke is a medical emergency that affects the brain, and is the third leading cause of death and the number one leading cause of disability in the United States. When a stroke occurs, mere minutes can mean the difference between recovery and long-term speech, sight or movement complications. Healthcare professionals know that "time lost is brain lost," so it's critical to get medical care at the first warning signs of a stroke. At Northern Nevada Medical Center, a rapid-response team of neurologists, Emergency Department physicians and nurses is available to evaluate patients using advanced technology. One service, called Tele Neuro, allows neurologists to diagnose a stroke without having to be in the Emergency Department. That means the Emergency Department can provide diagnostic testing and treatment more quickly.
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Emergency Care

The Emergency Department at Northern Nevada Medical Center also treats traumatic injuries of all types, from broken bones to serious wounds, including:

  • Management of trauma conditions: falls, motor vehicle accidents, fractures, sprains, asthma management
  • Management of acute back pain
  • Expertise in lacerations, crush injuries, abrasions
  • Treatment of migraines
  • Evaluation and management of acute abdominal pain
  • Acute eye conditions


A triage nurse will assess the severity of your condition, based on your symptoms, medical history and vital signs, such as body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. Triage helps ensure that critically ill patients are seen first. That is why a physician may see another patient before you, even though that patient arrived at the Emergency Department after you.

Physician Assessment

Emergency physicians are committed to providing high-quality emergency care as quickly as possible to all patients. Your physician will assess your condition and may order diagnostic tests.

Diagnostic Tests

Northern Nevada Medical Center offers advanced technology needed to enable doctors and staff to a quicker diagnosis, so you can get the treatment you need as quickly as possible. Diagnostic tests may include laboratory tests, X-rays, scans, imaging or other tests that will help your physician decide on the best course of treatment. Based on the results of your tests and diagnosis, you may be discharged to go home or admitted into the hospital for additional care.

One of the many benefits of NNMC Advantage membership is a streamlined registration process that lets us access and confirm your information quickly.
Meet Lisa Nelson, DO, emergency medicine physician at NNMC, who was honored recently as a 2013 Nevada Healthcare Hero by Nevada Business magazine.
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