Advanced Wound Care Treatment and a Healing Touch

October 16, 2018
Advanced Wound Care Treatment and a Healing Touch

Last summer, while on vacation in Chicago, Josh Conway spent a lot of time walking around and enjoying the sights. Conway, who has type 2 diabetes, was wearing his orthopedic shoes, but even with them, he developed ulcers on his feet. “I was walking a lot, and it was just too much pressure on my feet,” he says.

When he returned home, his primary care physician referred him to the Wound Care Center® at Northern Nevada Medical Center. There, doctors put total contact casts on both feet, which helped remove pressure from the wounds so they could heal quicker. But it also limited his mobility. “I had to limit pressure on my feet, so I was homebound much of the time. My left foot healed up within a month, but my right foot continued to have issues,” says Conway.

“My hospital experience was great and the staff was very attentive to my needs.” – Josh Conway

An MRI in September revealed a bone infection in his right foot, and the doctor ordered IV antibiotics and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. By December, the bone failed to heal, so doctors removed it and Conway eventually transitioned to a supportive boot. He says his hospital experience was by far the friendliest one he’s had, and the staff was very attentive to his needs. “I love the private rooms, and the location is perfect for family and friends to visit. My doctors are on staff here, and it makes the whole healing process easier,” Conway says.

In February, Conway fell on the ice and sustained a bruise on his thigh, which later became infected. “The doctors used a wound vacuum to drain it and I was in the ICU for four days. I am amazed that the wound has done so well – it’s almost 100 percent healed,” he says.

Conway’s wound care journey has taken longer than everyone thought, but he is grateful for the care he’s received. He is more mobile now, and wears his orthotic boot for protection when he goes out. “I’ve had wound treatment at other facilities, but the staff at both the Wound Care Center® and at Northern Nevada Medical Center consistently goes above and beyond for me. Both facilities are great places to go for treatment and healing!” he says.

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