New Technology Resolves One Local's Chronic Back Pain

March 24, 2017
New Technology Resolves One Local's Chronic Back Pain

“This solution is nothing short of a miracle!” — Gary Jaco

Gary Jaco suffered from chronic, debilitating back pain for about five years. He could barely walk to the mailbox and back, and spent most of the time lying down to minimize pain.

In December 2015, Gary moved from Las Vegas to Fallon and began searching for a pain specialist. He tried various pain relief techniques, including physical therapy, plasma replacement therapy, and epidural injections. Only one of the injections worked for a short while, but the pain returned.

Gary’s wife found Ali Nairizi, MD, of Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists. “He has been amazing,” Gary says. “The first thing he told me was that he would make me better.” Dr. Nairizi informed Gary of an FDA-approved spinal cord stimulation therapy called HF10™ therapy. “This therapy delivers significant pain relief without any uncomfortable tingling or buzzing, known as paresthesia,” says Dr. Nairizi. The stimulator was placed for only a week, and within a day or two Gary’s pain was nearly gone. Then the trial phase was over and the unit was removed.

Because the trial was so successful, Gary worked with his insurance company and was able to have the spinal cord stimulator permanently implanted. The surgery involved only two small incisions on his back, one for the pulse generator and one for the leads. After a short recovery, he is able to do all the things he could not do before because of the pain, including travel.

“Now I can function as a human being again. It is like getting my entire life back,” Gary says.

Dr. Nairizi is the first physician to perform the procedure at Northern Nevada Medical Center. “This implant is very simple to maintain. It only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery. The battery will last approximately 10 years and requires only a small incision if a replacement is needed,” says Dr. Nairizi.

Gary now sees Dr. Nairizi once a month for follow-up care. His goal was to stop taking pain medications, and he is slowly reaching that point. “Dr. Nairizi and his staff have been amazing. Any time we have a question, they are very helpful and supportive,” says Gary. “Even while on vacation, Dr. Nairizi called me to see how I was doing. He is very responsive.”

Regarding his experience at Northern Nevada Medical Center, Gary states it was positive from beginning to end. “Everyone was so well-informed and they took great care of me. My wife has worked in healthcare and even she was impressed,” he says.

“I can’t say enough about the care I received from both Dr. Nairizi and Northern Nevada Medical Center. I will recommend others to him because I know he can help them conquer their pain as he helped me defeat mine.”

The Pain Management Center at NNMC offers a multidisciplinary approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of acute or chronic pain. For more information, call 775-356-4944.

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