Traveling in Good Health

December 19, 2016
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The Immunization and Travel Clinic, operated by Northern Nevada Medical Group, offers a comprehensive immunization program. Everyone should check on standard immunizations before going away, and international travelers need to be extra vigilant. Diseases that are not a concern in the United States may still pose a risk abroad.

Recommended immunizations vary by country, and may change depending on what’s happening in the region.

A Personal Report on Each Destination

To get a trip off on the right foot, visitors to the clinic receive a consultation with nurses experienced in travel health. They compile the traveler’s health history, specific destination and planned activities into a report that covers which vaccinations are needed and a timetable for receiving them. Patients can be immunized during the same visit. They receive an immunization record and learn how to access it via computer from anywhere in the world.

Incorporate Vaccines into a Travel Plan

Physicians at the clinic recommend getting immunized at least a month before traveling. “This ensures full protection,” says Family Medicine Physician Jeremy Bearfield, MD, PhD, Medical Director of the Immunization and Travel Clinic. “Also, some immunizations, such as the oral vaccine for typhoid, are given in a series over several days.” Dr. Bearfield notes the clinic provides vaccines on-site for employees, churches or groups for destinations as far away as India and South Africa. It also has standard immunizations. “We offer protection against everything from yellow fever to the flu,” he says.

To stay healthy on your next trip, schedule a travel immunization office visit by calling 775-355-5000. The clinic is located at 5575 Kietzke Lane, Reno.