New CT Scanner Offers More Comfort, Less Radiation

Friday, December 30, 2016

Northern Nevada Medical Center is pleased to announce the addition of the Toshiba Aquilion PRIME™ computed tomography (CT) scanner to its diagnostic imaging capabilities. The scanner reconstructs 160 image “slices” per rotation and delivers high- quality images of soft tissues with low-dose radiation.

The combination of Aquilion PRIME’s rotation speed and superior technology allows many examinations to be performed and reconstructed in seconds. This can make exams shorter and produce images at the earliest possible time for evaluation. “With low-dose examinations and faster scan times, our new CT scanner is an excellent example of delivering faster, safer patient care,” says Alan Olive, Chief Executive Officer.

Special features also help patients have a more relaxing experience with the Aquilion PRIME. An extra large opening and adjustable table comfortably accommodate patients, and it’s quieter than conventional scanners.

For more information, call diagnostic imaging at 775-356-2273.