Taking the guesswork out of joint replacement

March 13, 2019
Knee Replacement

A custom-fit option can mean a better outcome

Joint replacement surgery is not something to be taken lightly. But for patients needing it, having choices can help make the process a little easier. Offered at Northern Nevada Medical Center is joint replacement known as Conformis. It allows for a custom-made joint for the patient, based on their own anatomy, which can lead to better alignment and a more natural feeling.

Orthopedic Surgeon Christopher Dolan, MD, who performs joint replacement procedures at Northern Nevada Medical Center (NNMC), presents the custom-made knee as an option to his patients. He explains that the benefits can include better bone and tissue preservation and bone coverage because bone is only trimmed to match the implant; better alignment because of data collected from the CT scan; more natural-feeling and range of motion because of its streamlined design; and less post-op bleeding and pain, all of which can lead to quicker recovery and a better outcome over traditional joint replacements.

How it works

A CT scan is taken of the patient’s leg and the data is sent to the company. A detailed map of the patient’s knee is created, and from that, a 3D replica from which the joint is created. Not all patients choose this alternative, however. “Because it takes six weeks to get the device, some patients want it done quicker and don’t want to wait, so they opt for a generic joint replacement. It just depends on their preference,” he says.

Benefits of NNMC

Dr. Dolan says most patients leave the hospital the next day and the care provided by the staff is excellent. “This hospital is wonderful to have in the community because there are many options for patients to receive up-to-date, quality care,” he says. “The scheduling, anesthesia and operating teams are professional as well, and we all work together to provide a positive experience for each patient.

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