Stories of Courage at NNMC

Patients share their experiences about their care at Northern Nevada Medical Center:


Stroke Patient Bounces Back Thanks to Quick Care

Taking her long-haired Chihuahua on a daily two-hour walk to a local marina is how Jacquelyn Smith spends her mornings. After selling Mary Kay cosmetics for 35 years, the 88-year-old mother of two enjoys her free time and active lifestyle. Her life took a dramatic turn, however, when she suddenly suffered a stroke.

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NNMC Provides Local Pastor Quick Relief From Pain

“I’ve always had a very high tolerance for pain,” says Rev. Don Butler, Sr. “I’ve had a broken leg, three knee surgeries, a broken back, back surgery, emergency appendix surgery and shoulder surgery. But none of these can begin to compare to the pain that I experienced that night."

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When Minutes Mattered, Help and NNMC Were There

It was springtime when the patient experienced horrible chest pains. A family member acted quickly by driving their loved one to the fire department, where Steve Kuntz, firefighter and paramedic was on duty. Kuntz took one look at the patient and realized they needed to get to Northern Nevada Medical Center.

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Stroke Patient Gets Rehab With a View

Tears come to Brenda Wilson’s eyes when she speaks about the exceptional care her husband received at Northern Nevada Medical Center’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Center. “Rick is doing so well because everyone has gone above and beyond,” says Brenda, 55, of Tonopah.

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Where Emergencies Are Treated Like Emergencies

Katie Knapp, a local business proprietor for Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique in Reno, hopes to never need to visit an Emergency Department again. But if she does, she says she will choose Northern Nevada Medical Center. Katie’s husband, Chris, lost his breath and almost passed out.

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Paramedic Thanks Emergency Department For a Life Saved

Critical care paramedic Steve Tafoya was miles from his destination when the patient he was transporting began experiencing breathing problems. Without the quick response of NNMC’s Emergency Department staff, “there’s a chance the patient wouldn’t have made it,” Tafoya says.

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