Paramedic Thanks Emergency Department Staff For a Life Saved

Critical care paramedic Steve Tafoya was miles from his destination when the patient he was transporting began experiencing breathing problems.

Without the quick response of NNMC’s Emergency Department staff, “there’s a chance the patient wouldn’t have made it,” Tafoya says. Northern Nevada was so instrumental in saving the patient’s life that Tafoya personally sent emergency staff a thank-you letter.

Tafoya, a critical care paramedic, has been an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for 12 years. In his letter, he wrote: “Your staff is amazing, and your hospital should be very proud of all of them.”

Personable, Warm, Caring Staff

The patient was being driven 64 miles from one hospital to another. Halfway to their destination, the patient began experiencing breathing difficulty. While trying to maintain the patient’s airway, the paramedics contacted NNMC and quickly diverted the ambulance to the hospital’s Emergency Department.

When they arrived, the emergency medical team was ready. They stabilized the patient’s breathing “within minutes of us walking through the door,” Tafoya says.

In his letter, Tafoya describes the emergency, respiratory, laboratory and imaging staff that responded as “fantastic.” He says they went above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable. Tafoya says such generous hospitality is standard at NNMC.

“While we were waiting, the staff treated us kindly and offered us drinks and food,” Tafoya writes.

“Emergency staff took the time to talk with the patient’s family, carefully explaining everything they were doing to treat and care for their loved one,” he noted.

“How quickly and how well NNMC’s Emergency Department staff responded made a huge difference for our patient,” Tafoya says. “They are personable, warm, caring and communicative. It’s very reassuring.”

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