Expanding Pulmonology, Cardiology, Family Medicine, Same-Day Care

Expanding Pulmonology, Cardiology, Family Medicine, Same-Day Care

Photo of 5575 Kietzke Lane in Reno

June 28, 2020

Northern Nevada Medical Group (NNMG) is expanding its clinics and adding more specialties and providers to meet the community's growing needs. NNMG's Medical Director and family medicine provider, Amanda Magrini, MD, says that due to an increased volume, they are expanding their cardiology services. "We recently added another cardiologist and we are working to expand our family medicine provider group," she says. "By adding more providers, we can help reduce wait times and support patient care needs efficiently."

Dr. Magrini explains that the family medicine clinic in Reno is expanding to accommodate more providers. "We are looking at hiring physicians through the medical residency program at the University of Nevada, Reno, and potentially setting up a residency program at our new hospital, Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center when it opens."

She adds that a new same-day care program was recently added at the larger Sparks clinic. "It's a pilot program in which we hired two urgent care trained physicians. They are available Monday to Saturday and a patient does not need to make an appointment," she says. "This complements the regular clinic hours and accommodates patients who need to receive care after hours."

The moves, says Dr. Magrini, a lifelong Sparks resident, are a reaction to the region's rapid growth. "A lot of people from California are relocating here because the cost of living is much lower and there are large companies already here, like the Tesla factory," she says. "This area is popular for many outdoor activities for all ages, so that is part of the draw, as well. Some people still have their jobs in California, but they commute from here."

Dr. Magrini says NNMG has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, and patients can book in-person appointments or use telehealth for some appointments, too. In addition, the clinics offer curbside visits for patients with underlying health conditions and those who are immunocompromised. "We are screening our staff and patients and doing everything to protect them. We are also helping them feel more comfortable by giving them options for care," she says.