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The American Cancer Society (ACS) says that regular mammography for women age 40 and older can be the most effective method of detecting breast cancer at its earliest stages, when it can be treated most effectively.

To schedule your annual screening mammogram at the Diagnostic Breast Care Center at Northern Nevada Medical Center, call 775-356-5800.

Screening and Diagnostic Services

The Diagnostic Breast Care Center at Northern Nevada Medical Center offers a comprehensive slate of screening and diagnostic services.

3D Mammography

Northern Nevada Medical Center offers 3D mammography technology (also known as tomosynthesis), which produces a three-dimensional image of the breast tissue with approximately 300 images, thereby enabling the radiologist to scroll through multiple images. 2D mammography, which typically provides four images, is also available. 3D mammography helps radiologists better understand the breast tissue, identify cancers missed with 2D mammography, and reduce the need for follow-up screening because the physician can see the breast tissue more clearly.

Digital mammography provides a number of advantages over traditional screen film mammography, including:

  • Provides sharper, more detailed images
  • Studies have shown that it results in a significant increase in the number of breast cancers detected in women 50 and younger, or women with dense breasts, than with traditional film imaging
  • Quicker mammograms because there is no need to wait for film images to be developed
  • Images can be viewed immediately by technologists and radiologists
  • Images can be easily and quickly transferred electronically, with no loss of image quality
  • Computers can help radiologists detect micro-calcifications that may be missed on traditional film mammograms

When to Get a Mammogram

  • Women age 35 and older should have a baseline reference mammogram

  • Women age 40 and older should have a mammogram every year

  • Women whose medical history may indicate special risks should consult their physician about beginning periodic exams at an early age

Preparing for Your Mammogram

It is best to schedule your mammogram for 7 to 10 days after menstruation begins. Bring your previous mammogram films or ask that they be sent to the Diagnostic Breast Care Center so they can be compared to the new images.

On the day of your mammogram, do not wear deodorant or powder on your breasts or in the underarm area. Such substances can cause artifacts on the image, making it necessary to repeat the mammogram. The technologist must compress your breasts in order to visualize the internal structures properly.

Return to the Diagnostic Breast Care Center at Northern Nevada Medical Center for your next digital mammogram, so your new images can be compared more quickly and accurately to your previous ones.

Scheduling Your Annual Mammogram

Call 775-356-5800 to schedule an appointment.

A physician’s order is not required for a screening mammogram, but the Center must have the name of a physician who will review the results.

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