Assessing Neck and Back Pain

The following questions are designed to see if you could benefit from therapeutic intervention to address your back or neck pain.

  1. Do you have neck or back pain that limits you performing daily functional activities? (e.g.: dressing, bathing, toileting)
  2. Do you have neck or back pain that restricts you from performing any recreational activities? (e.g.: hiking, sports)
  3. Do you have neck or back pain that restricts you from performing any daily household activities? (e.g.: laundry, vacuuming, cleaning)
  4. Do you have pain at night that significantly interferes with your sleeping?
  5. Do you have any of the following symptoms in your arms or legs: pain, burning, shooting pain, ache/numbness, tingling?
  6. Have you noticed weakness in your arms or legs?
  7. Have you noticed significant loss of balance or difficulty walking?
  8. Do you have a weakness in the foot or ‘foot drop’?
  9. Have you experienced loss of bowel or bladder control?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions you should contact our Spine Care Center of Excellence at 775-356-6662 to schedule an appointment. The earlier you address your symptoms the better your chance for the best outcome.

If you are experiencing the symptoms in questions six through nine, you may need an immediate referral to a spine surgeon, which we can help to facilitate. Our examination can assess your problems and help us provide recommendations for intervention.