Premier TeleStroke Network

TeleStroke Network at Northern Nevada Medical Center gives patients throughout the region access to acute stroke specialists, including neurologists, at any time of day. The TeleStroke Network, part of NNMC’s Primary Stroke Center, is focused on reducing the detrimental effects caused by stroke. Using secure, two-way video and audio consultation, along with image-sharing technology, the medical staff at participating hospitals, patients and their families will have immediate access to stroke experts.

The TeleStroke Network is committed to keeping care local, whenever appropriate. We can provide follow-up consultations from our comprehensive team, which includes acute rehabilitation specialists.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology. The TeleStroke Network has partnered with InTouch Health®, its RP-Lite robot system and Northwest Stroke Solutions to provide a two-way communication system that enables stroke specialists to be “virtually” in the room with the patient and your team. The secure wireless connection allows the consulting doctor to see and interact with the patient, perform an examination and review CT scans in real-time. Because the RP-Lite robot system is mobile, it can connect your team with a stroke specialist from anywhere in your hospital.

The TeleStroke Network at Northern Nevada Medical Center can provide the following services at no cost to other hospitals:

  • Access to a highly experienced stroke specialist 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Access to a TeleStroke neurologist to perform an examination remotely and review data and CT scans to determine the presence or severity of a stroke
  • Access to a TeleStroke neurologist who can perform a formal consultation, confer directly with physicians, the patient and family members and determine treatment
  • Follow-up consultation with a TeleStroke neurologist throughout recovery
  • Facilitation of a patient’s transfer, if necessary, 24-hours a day
  • All the technology needed for a successful telemedicine program
  • Hospital staff education and training on the TeleStroke technology and protocols
  • Tools for community outreach and education on stroke and your hospital’s services

To learn more or to join the TeleStroke Network, contact Robin Krueger at 775-356-4941.