Inpatient Therapy Services

If you are recovering from stroke, injury, surgery or another disabling condition, the Inpatient Rehab Center at Northern Nevada Medical Center is ready to help with a comprehensive list of rehabilitation services that can help you achieve your maximum potential. Our inpatient rehabilitation program is designed for adult patients who can fully participate in a rehabilitation program, and who can effectively benefit from the evaluation and therapeutic services we provide. We offer advanced treatment and care for a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Stroke (CVA)
  • Brain injury
  • Amputation
  • Neurological disorders
  • Major multiple trauma
  • Spinal cord and back injuries

For more information, please contact the Rehab Center at 775-356-4555.

Personalized Care

The Inpatient Rehab Center is an eight-bed unit located within NNMC and offers convenient access to other hospital services if you need medical treatment during your stay. It is the only local facility to feature all-private patient rooms and one-on-one therapy, giving patients more personalized care and attention than other larger facilities provide. The unit also features a daily living activity area and therapy gym, all located on one floor.

The Rehab Center Team

The Inpatient Rehab Center uses a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation. A team of nurses and a rehab physician are available 24 hours a day to meet patient needs. Licensed therapists are available to provide rehabilitation services to our patients. The multidisciplinary rehabilitation team includes:

  • Medical director (physiatrist)
  • Program director
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Rehabilitation nurse
  • Social worker
  • Dietician
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Physician specialists (by referral)

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Additional Services

We offer additional therapeutic services that may be used based on your rehabilitation goals and needs, including:

  • Family education and training
  • Pet therapy
  • Home evaluations for accessibility issues

The Admissions Process

Once you are referred to NNMC, you'll receive a free preadmission screening. In addition to considering your diagnosis, we look at the following criteria to determine if our rehabilitation program is appropriate for you:

  • Are you medically stable?
  • Do you need regular, supervised care by a rehabilitation physician? 
  • Do you need 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care?
  • Do you need at least two therapy modalities?
  • Are you able to participate in a minimum of three hours of therapy, five days a week?
  • Do you have the potential to improve your functional skill, including the ability to return home or to a supportive living environment?
  • Are you motivated to participate in the program?

If you need a referral to a physician at Northern Nevada Medical Center, call our free physician referral service at 775-356-6662.