PAD Risk Assessment

This screening is designed to see if you are at risk for peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

  1. Do you have cardiovascular (heart) problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack or stroke?
  2. Do you have diabetes?
  3. Do you have a family history of diabetes or cardiovascular problems?
  4. Do you have aching, cramping or pain in your legs when you walk or exercise, but then it goes away when you rest?
  5. Have you ever had a blood clot or “DVT”?
  6. Do you have pain or discoloration in your hands, toes or feet at night? This may include tingling, numbness or coldness.
  7. Do you have any ulcers or sores on your feet or legs that are slow in healing?
  8. Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?
  9. Are you more than 25 pounds overweight?
  10. Do you have an inactive lifestyle combined with a diet of fried, processed or fatty foods at least three times a week?
  11. Do you experience impotence?
  12. Are you over the age of 50?
  13. Do you have loss of hair on your feet or toes?
  14. Do you have irregular growth of fingernails or toenails?
  15. Do you have acute swelling in your legs?
  16. Do you have a history ofarterial disease such as blood vessel calcification or plaque?

If you answered YES to questions one, two, seven, 15 or 16, you are at serious risk for peripheral arterial disease and should seek help. An answer of YES to any two of the remaining questions means you are potentially at risk.

If either of these scenarios apply to you, contact our Amputation Prevention Care Center at 775-352-5313 to schedule a free screening exam.

The earlier you address your symptoms, the better your outcome will be. Our examination will assess your problems and provide recommendations for further intervention.