What to Expect During a Mammogram

A mammogram is the most widely used imaging method for detecting breast cancer.

Before Your Mammogram

You should try to schedule your mammogram for one week after your period, when your breasts are less tender. If you've had previous mammograms at another location, please make sure our departments gets them.

Before your exam, you'll need to let the technologist know if you're pregnant, if you have breast implants, if you have any scars or moles on or around your breasts, if you've ever had breast surgery or a biopsy and if you're breastfeeding.

On the day of your exam, shower and wash your breasts and underarms, but don't use any deodorant, powder or perfume. These items can affect your test. Be sure to wear a top that is easily removable.

During Your Mammogram

You will undress from the waist up and put on a hospital gown. Each breast will be positioned and then compressed to help get the most complete X-ray image.

After Your Mammogram

Sometimes, more X-rays are needed. You will be contacted if this is the case. Otherwise, you will be notified of your results in writing. Contact your doctor to discuss your results. Be sure to do monthly breast self-exams in between your scheduled mammograms.